Krystal Klear Chiller GF™

The Krystal Klear Chiller GF™ with UV brings a unique, fresh approach, and a new look, to point-of-use systems in the marketplace. Unlike a bottled water cooler, incoming tap water is treated as it’s needed, so the water is always fresh and great tasting.

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  • Bottled water has to be delivered, stored, then lifted up.
  • Krystal Klear water systems deliver all the water you need automatically with no bottle hassles.
  • Bottled water costs rise accordingly to how much water you use.
  • Krystal Klear water has a fixed monthly rental - less than $.27 per business hour - which is usually up to 35% cheaper than bottled water.
  • Bottled water quality varies by brand, source and treatment process used.
  • Krystal Klear water systems are tested and certified to the highest industry standards.
  • Over 1.5 million tons of plastic is used in manufacturing bottles.
  • Krystal Klear water systems eliminate the need for wastefulplastic bottles.